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All about Advaita!

The performers at Advaita - L to R - Aditya Venkatesh, Siddhartha Majumdar, Pravallika Bhagavatula, Devesh Hanumantharaju and Sairam Anand

The Saturday morning of December 24th, 2022 at the 'Suchitra Cinema and Cultural Academy', at Banashankari, Bengaluru, transported you to another world and another era, a space where you instantly connect with yourself and the music, immerse yourself in the performances, powerful expressions and dance forms. A platform so inclusive that one forgets the surroundings and what gets amplified and visible is the love for art.

The fourth edition of our flagship annual talent event #UNLABEL returned this year as 'ADVAITA', an inclusive music and dance festival. Our performers Pravallika, Devesh, Siddhartha, Sairam and Adithya engaged the audience with their captivating and enthralling performances. This time, they were presented in a completely different and unique format where each one was accompanied by a supporting artist on the percussion and vocals respectively. This is a big milestone for our performers, given their challenges and they absolutely nailed it!

Pravallika performed two beautiful Bharatnatyam pieces accompanied by Siddhi Raned and Samruddhi Raned.

Devesh demonstrated his proficiency in tabla by playing aptly for a Hindustani rendition by Brahmi Chandrasekaran and a Carnatic rendition by Vedanth Padmaraman. The two vocalists became the accompanying artists for Devesh and rightly so!

Aditya once again mesmerised the audience while his fingers danced on the keyboard playing the notes of Charukesi and Sindhubhairavi. He was accompanied by Karthik Krishna on the tabla.

Sairam Anand was the new artist introduced on this platform. He absolutely enthralled the audience with an authentic Carnatic Kacheri ably accompanied by Shreecharan Bharadwaj on the mrudangam and Sindhu Puthuraya on the violin.

Siddhartha Majumdar made the audience groove to his singing of Kishore and Rafi hits, this time the music being played by Adithya on the keyboard.

The event ended with an original composition about nature performed by Ramyashri and Rachana from the team of our sponsors 'Hosachiguru' where our children gave out a message of preserving nature and greenery by holding saplings on the stage.

We also thank our special guest - renowned vocalist and actor M D Pallavi for gracing the occasion, interacting and encouraging the artists.

We are also grateful to honour teacher and music therapist Dr. Meena Ganapathy for imparting music skills to children and youngsters who are visually impaired and those with special needs.

M D Pallavi, Dr. Meena Ganapathy and Dr. Madhuri, Founder of Mitra of Life

We thank our sponsors Hosachiguru for helping us make this an amazing and successful event. We also thank the Rotary school of Agneya, Arvi school of music , all our volunteers and the whole Mitra team for their support.

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