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The Mitra academy for performing Arts

Building an Inclusive Community of music, dance and theatre in collaboration with various artists.  


At Mitra for life, we believe that Indian Classical Music and Dance

can be tools for Cultural Inclusion and Individual Transformation.

We are bringing music and dance into the lives of kids and youngsters, and nurturing special talents. 


  • To use Indian classical music and dance as a means to improve the lives of children and persons with disabilities.

  • To nurture special talents and provide a platform to showcase them.

  • To create opportunities to turn talent into a vocation.

  • To support parents and families to explore the performing arts for their children.

  • To enable talented artists to be recognised and applauded for their abilities and not their disabilities

Dance for Autism.png


  • For young children         ( 2 to 7 years)

  • Music as speech stimulation and therapy

  • Using music and dance forms to explore their inner nature.

  • To Promote the development of emotional intelligence

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Mentorship program

  • For ages 16 & above

  • Working with a peer group of musicians & dancers.

  • Customised to the strength and talents of the individual.

  • Stage readiness.

Devesh UNLABEL 2021_edited.jpg


  • For children 8 to 15 years

  • Introduction to Indian classical music and dance forms.

  • Mental and emotional wellness.

  • Nurturing talents.


Fellowship Program

  • For ages 18 & above

  • Providing a platform for the special talents

  • Creating opportunities to reach new audiences

  • Making them vocation ready in performing arts.

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Support our work

Help us by donating to this cause and supporting our work. 

Book a Performance

To book a performance by our talented performers, reach out to us. 

Collaborate with us

If you are an artist wanting to help make a difference, do reach out to collaborate with us. 

A short film on Musicians with Autism

Unlabel, with Mahesh Raghvan

The first project of the Mitra academy, #Unlabel was conceived in collaboration with Mahesh Raghvan. Our young talents getting the opportunity to get creative and be a part of the process of making the music was an amazing experience. The music video was shot at the Mitra Habba, a celebration of Friendships and Inclusion. We invite you to enjoy the music with us. 

These youngsters have had music touch their lives in different ways. As they go deeper into their own worlds with their music and relate better to the outer world with it, watch their inner emotions being expressed. Each family has gone through their own journey of exploring music and the arts with their child, and they share their journey with all its ups and downs. Watch it and be inspired! To schedule a viewing msg +919740093408.

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