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Get involved with us and
help us make a difference. 

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Youth Volunteers play a huge role in peer-group sessions that we organise for youngsters with ASD. We believe true integration of the special needs community with the rest of society is only possible with increased awareness about autism. There is no better way than joint peer sessions and activities about our autism services to achieve this.

We always welcome young volunteers to join us.

Group engagement

If you are a group of students, or you have a team who want to engage in doing good and giving back to society, here's a great opportunity to make a difference. Join us for sun weekend hangouts, a trek, a farm visit, or adventure activities.  

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Peer Mentor

If you are a young and driven individual, with a skillset you are passionate about, whether art, music, dance, theatre or sport, we encourage you to explore our peer mentorship program, where you can interact and train youngsters with special needs in your skillset and help them become independent and flourish. A great opportunity for personal growth along the way. 

Join the Team

If you are a professional looking to make a Social impact, do reach out to us. We welcome motivated people and creative thinkers to join us in creating new paradigms and reimagining the future. 

Image by Avel Chuklanov
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