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What we do 

We do our best to add joy and meaning to the lives of children and young adults on the autism spectrum. And their primary caregivers - parents, siblings and other close family members or friends. We provide opportunities and introduce experiences that help them connect better with the world around them.

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We offer support

We listen. We offer guidance and intervention where it may be needed. We facilitate opportunities for socialising and promote interactions within the autism community and their families.

By bringing the community together, we let them talk and listen to each other, learn from each other and support each other. Thereby, we are not just a support system but help build support systems that run by themselves.

We offer meaningful experiences

Our programs are curated with a lot of thought, practicality and cultural relevance. We understand what works in one part of the world may not work in another. We take genuine effort to understand the participants' social upbringing and ecosystem, so that our programs and events remain relevant and useful to them. Practical to implement. And translate to meaningful and transformational experiences for people with autism.

We foster a sense of kinship using cultural experiences like celebrating festivals together and indulging youngsters in creative pursuits.


We offer expert  guidance

We regularly organise live sessions with professionals in autism care to share their knowledge on various issues that may affect people on the autism spectrum and their families. Besides, we also partner with experts and institutions in other fields like art, fitness, music etc., and introduce workshops and other engaging initiatives from time to time.

Why we matter

Many children, teens and young adults with ASD find socialising in unfamiliar situations overwhelming. Although they might have the inherent desire to interact and connect with new people, they often face difficulties in communication.

We, at MitraForLife, help them approach social situations with more confidence and develop necessary skills and techniques for peer interactions.

Many a time, parents and siblings of these youngsters also struggle to connect with them. Through our parent support groups and mentoring programs for neurotypical siblings, we listen to the issues they might face and help them navigate their challenges better.

While there are educational facilities and institutions for special needs children, forums for informal and social gatherings amongst the community are limited. We provide a platform for social interactions for youngsters with special needs, as well as a safe and sensitive community for their families to share their experiences.

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