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Youth Empowerment

The Youth Club@ Mitra gives youngsters a chance to have their own friends circle, and bond with a peer group. Fun interactive sessions by our youth volunteers. For youngsters with Autism or special needs 16+ age group.

Weekly online sessions and offline sessions in Bengaluru.

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Vocational Support

Vocational support- Skill building and support to help youth with disabilities to turn their skill and talent, be it art, music or gardening, into a vocation, empowering them and making them independent.

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Weekend Outings

Weekend outings, treks, farm outings, green zone visits are all part of our fun inclusive programs for youth. A great opportunity to socialise with peers and form friendships, and explore their independence.

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Dads Club @ Mitra

A space for fathers to meet and network, share ideas, resources and build a strong support system to better the future of our children. A men-only zone, where support is redefined. 

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Awareness Outreach

Programs for colleges and offices to create awareness about Autism and other intellectual disabilities. Get your students or employees involved in interactions with persons with disabilities. 

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Parent Forum

Our parent forum offers a place for parents of children with special needs to come together and share their experiences and learnings. Discussing various issues they might be facing with other parents make them feel heard and understood. Motivational content and providing resources is the aim of our work. 

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A program to empower parents of young children with Autism and special needs to support their child at home. An ongoing program with sessions by various professionals, therapists, and parent mentors. For parents with children ages 2 to 12 years.

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Fitness Club @ Mitra

Weekend outings, fitness sessions, green zone visits are all part of our fun inclusive programs for youth. A great opportunity to socialise with peers and form friendships. 

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Sibling support group

We mentor groups of siblings of special needs kids, giving them a forum to voice their thoughts & emotions, as they step into the role of future caregivers to their siblings.

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Self Advocacy

We are working with special schools and parent groups to get a deeper understanding of Self Advocacy, supporting parents to help their child to self advocate as they grow into young adults.

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