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Volunteering for Autism drives away depression

Updated: May 7, 2019

Students, young professionals, homemakers and seniors, volunteering benefits all!

A new perspective, a renewed energy, gratitude for what we have, all are side effects of volunteering, well what's not to like?

Encouraging teenagers to volunteer to do activities with special needs children and teens can help them gain new perspectives and ward away any stress related reactions or depression.

Moms with an empty nest? Having the qualification of having brought up kids is life experience, and useful to support others with. Drive away mood swings and mid life crises with a daily dose of giving and receiving motivation.

Seniors can bring the wisdom and patience of doing routine and mundane things with a calm and joy which benefit special needs teens, and provide the satisfaction of being productive to the seniors.

Young professionals stressed at work, get a good dose of perspective and some fun activity out at the weekends, doing outdoor activities with special needs teens.

Come, volunteer with us today!

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