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Mitra Christmas party and Open mic, a great hit with the kids!

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

The Mitra Christmas party held alongside the 'Advaita' cultural event on Saturday, 24th December, 2022 at the 'Suchitra Cinema and Cultural Academy', saw a great response from the children and parents alike! The highlight of the party was the second edition of the Mitra Open Mic , where our budding talented children and youngsters with special needs went up on stage to showcase their abilities without any inhibitions or judgement. The Open mic is all about the pure joy of performing in front of a limited audience and get a memorable stage experience in the process. This time, the event saw participation from several special schools like Deepika school and Shristi Special academy. A few winners of Kalaangana were also featured as the Mitra Academy had promised when we gave away special certificates with the title 'BalaKalanidhi' during Kalaangana in November this year. The Open mic was followed by singing of christmas carols by a Mitra volunteer Saatvika accompanied on the Guitar by her friend Megha. The event ended with cutting a Christmas cake followed by lunch. It was indeed a memorable Christmas and our children and parents took back great memories with them!

Niketha, Kaarthik, Pranav Simha, Chinmay and Kaustubh regaled the audience with their lovely singing while Sailesh thrilled the audience with his effortless playing of the keyboard that too blindfolded!

Harshita, Abyaz ur Rehman, Prem Vincent, HariPriya and Nanditha gave beautiful dance performances. A special mention of their lovely costumes!

The students of Shristi Special Academy - Keerthi, Vignesh, Yamini, Sameer, Nireeksha and Jaishnavi. All the performers received a certificate of Appreciation from the Mitra Academy for Performing Arts and the expression on their faces was just priceless!

The youngest participant Jaishnavi was truly an angel who inspired everyone with her beautiful smile and positive attitude.

The finale act of the Open mic was a very special group performance by the children of Deepika school called ‘Kala Antharbhaavana’. Depicting India as a land of art and culture, they presented “Kala Antharbhaavana” as an ensemble of art forms with a background musical score of the song “Dharma Bhoomi Bharata”. A Sangam of the art forms of Music, Dance, Yoga, Sign Language and Visual Arts, the students and teachers of Deepika School brought alive the treasure trove called “Bharata”.

Yoga by Prem Vincent, Rwitoban, Prem Kalaburgi, Akhilesh, Adarsh

Dance by Haripriya,, Bhavana, Sarika, Janani, Shravya, Vidyulatha

Sign Language by Aishwarya and Manoj

Visual art by Shashank

Bharat mata - Ishanvi

Vocal Music by Manjula Roy

Christmas Carols were presented by Saatvika and Megha. What's a Christmas without cake! The Mitra team cut a cake celebrating the spirit of christmas with all the children and parents present marking the end of yet another wonderful event and creating new memories!

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