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Gifting ideas for a special teen this festive season #inclusivegifting

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

The festival season is here, and we're here to help you pick a great gift for that special niece, nephew, grandchild, or friend. We’ve put together an awesome gift list they‘ll love! Let's put a smile on their faces!!

Read on, and do leave your comments to let us know what you did end up gifting.

Here’s what you can gift a youngster in the age group of 13 to 30 they’ll love!

Bluetooth Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones are great for kids and youngsters who love music and can help calm and soothe them. It can help block out disturbing sounds and loud sounds.

Fabric Beanbags

Great for a snug relaxing sitting downtime for kids and youngsters. They'll enjoy hanging out in it! Can help with calming hyperactive kids and help with sensory issues.

Mollismoons Very Attractive Soft Designer Furry Bean Bag (XXXL, Pink)

Alexa - Echodot

This AI assistant is a great gift. With music on-demand and routines and reminders which can be scheduled, the parents will love you for this gift!

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa (Grey)

Electric toothbrush

If you’re the type to give practical, high utility gifts, go for this. With the benefits of Dental hygiene and helping with sensory issues combined, it’s a win-win.

Oral B Vitality 100 White Criss Cross Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Powered By Braun

Fabric Swings

Great for the kids who love to swing. If there’s space on a patio or a large balcony, go for this.

SMART BEANS Medio Hammock Swing For Kids and Adults, With Accessories.

Large Puzzles

For the kids who love puzzles, this will keep them occupied for hours. Pick the size and number of pieces based on ability and age.

Frank - 33910 Underwater World Puzzle For 10 Year Old Kids And Above

3D Pin Art

A great sensory experience toy for all ages, watch the art come alive.

Roller Ball massager

A great calm time tool, the roller ball massager can be a great gift for both kids and stressed parents.

Bluetooth speaker

Continuous music while keeping the cellphone away.

Moon Light Night LED Lamp

They’ll love this calming night Lamp which can help to calm down at bedtime.

HAPPENWELL Moon light Night Light Table Lamp, Touch Control Bedside Lamp Color LED bedroom Lamp, Night Lamp for Bedroom(15CM Moon Lamp)

Happy gifting, we hope you found a gift for your loved one. Wish you all a wonderful and safe Diwali.

Best, team Mitra for life

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