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Great gifts for autistic kids

A box of chocolates is a gift the kids will love you for and the parents won't thank you for when they get all hyperactive after eating them! So here are some gift options for an Autistic kid, which will be a great hit with the kids & parents. Whether it is for Diwali or a Birthday, check out this list of things you can buy off Amazon right away.

Good for kids 3 to 12 years. Whether it is for your own child or to gift a family or friends child, look at these great options.

Gym ball

Great for the stay home time, the kids will love all the freedom to move & bounce around. The parent will love it for the energy they burn with all the bouncing.

3D Pin Art

A fun sensory activity the kids can do on their own, exploring the magic of touch & creating art.

Indoor Swing

Fun activity for the kids, will encourage calm time, and give the parents some time off.


Kids love wearing this and technically it helps them deal with unpleasant sensory auditory stimuli.

Train set

A fun activity for kid & parent, something a kid can spend hours doing. ( Note- this is time spent better than on a phone or tab)

Lego blocks

Fun for the kids, also serves as calm time activity & learning. Note- Make sure to pick age appropriate sets, and best to check with the parent regarding safety, as kids may put blocks in the mouth.

Keyboard or Piano mat

Music is a natural instinct for kids & playing is better than listening. A keyboard is the best instrument to introduce & encourage Helps develop dexterity and focus. Choose from various options based on age & ability. The piano mat is good for kids 3 to 5 years of age & the keyboard for 6+.

Fabric bean bags

Bean bags in fabric are a great option for sitting in and doing a calm time activity. They need to be slightly under stuffed with beans, so that it provides a snug cozy fit for the child.

Night lamps & projectors

A fun way to help the child calm down before sleep, check out some fun options.

Massage rollers

Kids relax with these sensory calming devices.

Happy Gifting!

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