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Daily Sport, as simple as that!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

An hour of sport is the best solution for hyperactivity in Special needs teenagers

Play a sport, play in the open, play and have fun! A teenager, any teenager needs a good hour of exercise, movement, and sport to burn all that excess energy and have some fun. A special needs teenager especially, has that excess pent up energy to burn, and getting them to play an hour of sport can be of great benefit and a big relief to the parent. Autism Services.

Choosing the right sport for your teenager is the key.

Individual sports are usually a better bet, as Autistic teens will have trouble with the social skills needed for a group sport. A simple sport is also important, where the rules are not too complex to follow. Energetic sports will burn energy reducing hyperactivity levels.

Athletics, a simple sport with simple rules is a good choice, also easiest to find coaches and classes for athletics.

Swimming can be a good option during the warmer climates, important to find trained coaches, also extra care is required for special needs teens with epilepsy.

Gymnastics for early teens can bring a great flexibility coupled with fun, and fulfil a need for movement in autistic children who are vestibular. The climbing, swinging and balance activities are a winner with highly autistic teens.

Yoga, a rigorous practice done under a trained teacher can be of great benefit, creating calm and balance.

Mood Regulator Special needs teenager services

Sport is also a great mood regulator for teenagers, an hour of sport daily can keep aggression in check and allow for more calm time at home post this activity.

It is also true that cognitive abilities are sharper post physical activity, the brain having been stimulated by energetic movement.

A challenge to parents is this, an hour of sport, followed by a light and health drink or snack, and try teaching your child something new, and observe the ability to grasp, the attention span improved after the play.

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